OC Transpo is looking into SFUO executive U-Pass use. Photo: Parker Townes.
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2016-17 exec accused of improperly taking bus passes

In an interview with the Fulcrum on Oct. 31, University of Ottawa president Jacques Frémont and media relations manager Néomie Duval discussed an investigation by OC Transpo into whether or not members of the 2016-17 Student Federation of the University (SFUO) executive had improperly obtained U-Passes.

Last year, the SFUO’s Board of Administration (BOA) disciplinary committee looked into whether or not some members of the executive had improperly given themselves U-Passes. Since members of the executive are not allowed to to take more than two classes per semester, that would mean they got the U-Pass as a part-time student.Only full-time students can obtain U-Passes.

According to the disciplinary committee’s report, separate complaints were made against former vice-president social and incumbent president Hadi Wess, returning vice-president finance Rizki Rachiq, Vanessa Dorimain, current executive coordinator of the SFUO and former vice-president university affairs, and Morissa Ellis, former vice-president equity.

The BOA’s disciplinary committee found that Dorimain had a U-Pass despite not being qualified for one. However, the committee said it was obtained under special circumstances, taken from a group of passes that were not distributed due to errors.

In the end, the committee recommended no penalties for executive members.

In last week’s interview, Duval told the Fulcrum that OC Transpo conducted an investigation into the incident, and is examining the finances of the program for the 2016-17 school year. She added that when the report is complete, OC Transpo will provide the university with guidelines and next steps.