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The Highlight Reel: Jan. 19

Women’s volleyball unable to recover

It seems their Saturday loss was more than just nerves as the Gee-Gees were unable to best the Ryerson Rams on Sunday.  Despite their strong 2–0 start, the Gees lost the last three sets and ultimately the match.

The Gee-Gees had a stellar offensive game, particularly rookie Kaly Soro who racked up 13 kills and 17 points against the Rams. Defensively, however, the Gee-Gees seemed unable to respond to Ryerson’s attacks, and erred their services and attacks a few times too many.  The Rams climbed up to a 3-17 lead and the Gee-Gees simply could not close the gap.

Their first four points in the fourth set were courtesy of  Ryerson errors, which quickly translated into a lead, but the Rams remained on their heels.  This was their opportunity to steal away the win, but in the last few rallies the Rams took the decisive lead and the set.

Their next game will be against Lakehead, on home turf, Jan. 29 at 7 p.m.

Women’s hockey effaced by Marlets

 The Gee-Gees put up a gallant fight against the yet undefeated McGill Marlets, but couldn’t overcome McGill’s strong offence and Gabrielle Davidson’s four goals, losing the Sunday game 5–2.  The loss brings the Gees’ record to 6–8, but they maintain their third-place position in the division.

The Gees began the game strong and battled fiercely for the puck in the first period though neither the Gees nor the Marlets were successful in netting any points in the first 20 minutes. Yanick Evola, Gees’ head coach feels that, despite the team’s inability to properly capitalize on goal-scoring opportunities, the team is progressing well against top-ranked teams like McGill.  Even after falling behind 3–0 to McGill,  two back-to-back power play goals, and receiving a disallowed goal in the second period, the Gees were unable to tie up the game and fell behind in the third.