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In the past few weeks, the Moose has had the pleasure of interviewing fellow Gee-Gees on the varsity sports teams for the “Moose on the Loose” YouTube capsules. Among those interviewed are three Gee-Gees who have represented the University of Ottawa for the past five years: Aaron Colbon, starting quarterback of the football team, and Corina Jarrett and Krista Draycott, both of whom are captains of the women’s soccer team. They’ve all played their last games wearing the garnet and grey. Jarrett and Draycott both played in more than 80 games for the Gee-Gees, while Colbon has been starting first string in the last 35 games.

It was clear for these seasoned players that the football and soccer seasons ended too early for the Gee-Gees and it would have been great for them to finish their Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) careers with a championship—but let’s not focus on what could have been and focus on what is.

Aaron Colbon has thrown for more than 2,000 yards in a single season twice in the last three years coupled with more than 1,000 career rushing yards. Jarrett and Draycott were both team captains on one of the best—if not the best—teams in the country and have both been named Ontario University Athletics (OUA) all-stars. This past season, Jarrett scored 60 per cent of the shots she took while Draycott scored 25 career goals and was a top-three OUA scorer this season.

The two also helped their teams finish in the CIS top 10 in 2011 and 2012, obtaining bronze in 2011 and, having medalled in the OUA four of the past five years, captured gold in 2012. Colbon was a steady figure in tumultuous times for the football program. He is considered one of the best quarterbacks in the country by some CIS analysts and has helped the Gee-Gees defeat our cross-town rivals, the Carleton University Ravens, to secure the first Panda Bowl in years in front of 4,800 people.

Statistics, however, cannot measure the other things they brought to their teams—things like leadership, poise, and hustle. They represented our university on and off the field during games and at practices. The Moose is a full-time student and barely manages to balance his studies with his social life. He cannot imagine the sacrifices they made to balance school, a social life, and sports. For their dedication, sacrifices, their play, and their leadership—the Moose says bravo to these three. We should salute those who gave it all. What does the Moose say? The Moose says thank you for putting it on!

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