Brennan Bova

Have you ever heard the saying “less is more”? The University of Ottawa hasn’t. They believe “more is more” with the 80 gazillion pounds of salt they throw onto the ground whenever it drops below zero degrees Celsius.

An Interpol investigation has led to the arrest of the figure known as Santa Claus, who is now facing charges related to iden-tity fraud, among others.

The PepTides Revenge of the Vinyl Cafe | Self-released 4 / 5 REVENGE OF THE Vinyl Cafe, from Ottawa’s own nine-piece outfit The PepTides, is an unusual album. What’s important to realize is that it isn’t really an album; it’s a soundtrack, written and recorded to coincide with each short story in Stuart McLean’s book …

I’d been looking forward to it, sure, but I forgot all about it until I got a surprise call from the local game store to inform me that my pre-ordered copy had come in. This is something that should have been great news, but instead it felt like a call from a girl I’d gone out with and never called back.

But what made it into what it is? Why is it, a Game Boy Color game, rarer and more valuable than any of the original Game Boy games which have age on their side? The answer is simply an unfortunate circumstance.

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