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Local food also seems to always pack a flavourful punch incomparable to the imported and GMO products we find at grocery stores. Perhaps it’s merely a psychological effect, but consuming local food usually leaves me more satisfied and full, not to mention with a heightened sense of moral contentment.

Beer: a drink of the people Jesse Colautti | Fulcrum Staff Beer goes by many titles: sweet nectar of the gods, refreshing vacation in a glass, and the bringer together of friends, to name a few. To put it simply, beer is the best. While hard liquor excites before ultimately smashing you over the head …

People look forward to these Thanksgiving dinner staples practically all year. But when you’re a vegan like me, traditional Thanksgiving meals will most likely result in a half-empty plate.

What better way to excite your partner than to introduce some more licking and eating to the bedroom?

Drinking water before you exercise, especially in the two hours preceding a workout, is essential to staying hydrated.

The best bars on or near campus to fill your stomach and wet your whistle Photos by Tina Wallace Whether you’re looking for filling fare, frosty beers, or new friends, all these pubs will have you making great memories while spending those pinched pennies. Café Nostalgica: 601 Cumberland St. Newly renovated Nostalgica reopened this fall …

Beverages to warm you up and calm you down Photos by Tina Wallace As much as we’d like to pretend summer isn’t over, the chilly weather has arrived. Here are three drinks—one non-alcoholic, two alcoholic—that should help you cope with the transition and keep you warm during the cold fall and winter months. Cinnamon Hot …

Gone are the days when it’s acceptable to be tagged on Facebook holding a Pabst Blue Ribbon or a Smirnoff Ice. No, you need something that communicates just how sophisticated you and your taste in alcohol are.

he richness of life comes from taking chances, and although not every unique, local restaurant you choose will be a winner, I guarantee the good experiences will outweigh the bad. It is simply naive to decide on Swiss Chalet because you want to avoid risk.

To help us improve on a classic, we enlisted Jamie Stunt, head chef at Oz Kafe (361 Elgin St.) and recent silver medallist at the Canadian Culinary Championships. We challenged him to create a more delicious version of the bright orange mac and cheese by adding only five additional ingredients to the mix. In his own words, his leftover KD casserole is “actually pretty fucking good!”

Confession: I was a card-carrying, drive-thru working, fry-salting employee of McDonald’s from 2005–2010. I worked for the fast-food restaurant all throughout high school, and always picked up shifts during the December holidays as a university student. I don’t think I ever officially quit—I still have my uniform and could probably call the manager tomorrow and ask for shifts. I haven’t forgotten how to do the job—trust me, no one can ever unlearn how to work at McDonald’s.

Myth: Low-fat or low-carb diets are the way to go: busted
No. The body’s preferred energy sources are the unrefined carbs which can be found in fruits, vegetables, and grains. It’s the processed grains we want to avoid, like in pastas and pastries. A low-fat diet is discouraged, as many of the low-fat products on the shelves remove the fat and replace them with sugar.

He’s been in the food industry for decades: he owned his own restaurant, Willie’s Café, in London, Ont., for nine years, and has worked at some of the top restaurants in Europe and North America, including The French Laundry in Napa Valley, The Fat Duck in England, and Casa Bella in Kingston. I sat down with Van Dyk, who’s currently going on his third year as a culinary arts instructor, to talk about what it means to be a restaurant reviewer.

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