Free speech

Bueckert supported his earlier characterisations by pointing to Di Franco’s self-association with personalities that are frequently connected with the “alt-right” movement. On his Facebook profile, for example, Di Franco styles himself “Milo on facebook: James Damore in real life”.

In general, motions in Canada are largely symbolic. For example, in 2015 Parliament unanimously passed a motion to make combating anti-Semitism a priority in Canada’s domestic and international activities. So why all the fuss about a motion for similar action against Islamophobia?

Infringing on someone’s safety is never okay Over the past two weeks, the Internet has been abuzz over the latest human rights debate —the Return of Kings (ROK). For those who haven’t heard about it, they’re a group of men who, according to their website, believe in “the intellectual inferiority of women,” that “feminism (is) …

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