It’s still paramount to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle throughout the school year—for the sake of next summer at the very least. There are plenty of activities going on all the time during the school year, and with that in mind here are some key tips to staying active this upcoming semester.

Traditionally, people with flat feet are offered orthotics and extra arch support—but studies suggest that this treatment may be detrimental to the natural development of your feet.

January has come and gone. Most of the excitement about the New Year has passed. So, how are your 2015 resolutions coming along? If the answer is “not so well,” there are still 11 months left to reach your goals. One of the most popular resolutions is healthy living.

The right remedy to keep your sanity might be a winter adventure. Winter camping can be a great experience. It’s far from crowds and the busyness of the new semester, and it’s the perfect opportunity to test your resilience.

With more than 150 kilometres’ worth of trails throughout the Ottawa area, cross-country skiing is an excellent lost cost activity to pick up this winter season to keep your muscles working and heart pumping. There are several beginner and intermediate level trails in and around Ottawa, with the most popular trails in Mooney’s Bay.

Keep warm. Before heading out, a quick warm-up gets your blood flowing and makes for a less severe transition from inside to out. During your run, make sure you’re equipped with appropriate gear. Layering clothes will become necessary as temperatures drop.

If reform of our inordinately expensive system—which provides fairly mediocre care—is truly a priority for the CMA, they should give up the constitutional blame game and move towards actively advocating for positive change to Canada’s healthcare policy.

Panic has gripped Ottawa elementary school students this week after third grade class president Kyle Tompkins addressed his peers across the city regarding reports that several students are being treated for a potential case of cooties.

In a larger sense, Starbucks epitomizes North American food culture in the 21st century. It’s modern, hip, and allows customers to personalize their order from an extensive menu selection. It also professes to use the best, high-quality ingredients and to conduct its business responsibly and ethically.

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