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The University of Ottawa women’s hockey team will “pink the rink” as they battle the Carleton Ravens on Nov. 9. The Gee-Gees will don special pink jerseys for the annual Pink The Rink game to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Meet Carolyn Cook, a first-year student in ethics and society and a rookie on the swim team. Cook grew up in Canada and has moved back home after attending high school in New York State. Here, she’s already making Ontario University Athletics (OUA) times.

“Over the past years, we have been developing a racing team,” said club president and fourth-year political science student Jacob Thornhill. “[We] have proven to be competitive enough to place in many regattas. What we seek now is recognition as a competitive club from the University of Ottawa.”

The Gees’ best player in both games was second-year forward Nicolas Larocque-Marcoux. With his speed and desire to get into the corners, Larocque-Marcoux was dangerous every time he was on the ice.

The University of Ottawa is projecting a $4.8-million shortfall for the 2013–14 academic year. The Board of Governors (BOG) approved the new budget with a deficit despite a $54-million increase in financing.

It was not supposed to be like this for Dr. Mark Lowes. The University of Ottawa associate professor of communications never planned to become a professor; his hope had always been to become a professional football player.

Band takes up one-month residency at Café Nostalgica Photo by Isaac Vallentin IT’S NOT OFTEN you find international groups spending a month or more in Ottawa, but Dutch electric duo Dialoog has come to town for a month-long residency at Café Nostalgica, playing every Wednesday evening from Oct. 2–30. Ottawa isn’t just another stop on …

You may not have had time to stop by some of the booths during Club Week but don’t worry The Fulcrum lists four of the top alternative athletic clubs so you can stay active and social during the year.

Local not-for-profit Old Crows Football Inc.which has doubled as the Carleton football alumni society since 1965, is funding the team. Since the Ravens’ football team disbanded, Old Crows have not just been working to get the team back onto the field, but to turn the Carleton football program into one of the best in the country.

With the fall semester approaching, issues surrounding Ottawa’s transit policy towards students are heating up. Representatives from Ottawa’s seven student associations hand-delivered letters to city councillors in July, asking them to raise the current age restriction on monthly student passes and also offer a summer U-Pass.

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