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Going forward, gamers need to move away from this old idea that the media and government are out to get them. All this does is breed paranoia and mistrust that inevitably leads to hatred, threats, and online harassment.

I’d been looking forward to it, sure, but I forgot all about it until I got a surprise call from the local game store to inform me that my pre-ordered copy had come in. This is something that should have been great news, but instead it felt like a call from a girl I’d gone out with and never called back.

But what made it into what it is? Why is it, a Game Boy Color game, rarer and more valuable than any of the original Game Boy games which have age on their side? The answer is simply an unfortunate circumstance.

                                 New study shows correlation between video games and weight gain Chaput and his collaborators invited 22 healthy, normal-weight boys between ages 15 and 19 into the lab. The night before the experiment, the boys were instructed not to eat. They …