When we discuss protection in Canada, we often mean birth control. While preventing unwanted pregnancies is extremely important to the wellbeing of young people, so is protecting against infection and disease.

Changes following review period include new instructor, location A yoga program put on by the Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD), and the centre of a social media firestorm in November of 2015, has returned to campus after being suspended last semester. The program’s suspension garnered extensive media backlash, getting coverage in the U.S., Britain, …

Over the last couple of months, nationwide sales of “reverse” yoga pants have reached an all-time high. While they possess the same sporty quality of traditional athletic leggings, these new yoga pants are designed to make the wearer’s butt look as flat as possible.

Not only were my new yoga-mates highly attractive stay-at-home moms and gorgeous fitness-crazed men, the instructor was the fittest, most beautiful woman I had ever seen in a sports bra. It was at that moment I knew I wanted to become an instructor.

As flip-flop tans fade and thought patterns begin to shift to deadlines and exams, it is not uncommon for students to experience symptoms of low serotonin in the brain—commonly referred to as anxiety or depression.

The benefits of yoga Katherine DeClerq | Fulcrum Staff THE STRESS OF a student is never-ending. Between school, work, and the pressure of everyday life, an hour of physical activity can do wonders. While a power walk or a session on the elliptical may only distract you from the problems at hand, yoga—a discipline known …