The Tomato

Letter to the Tomato Editor. Photo: CC, pxhere. Edits, Rame Abdulkader
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Dear Tomato Editor,

I am writing to you about a very important issue, one that, as a dedicated reader I have noticed your esteemed publication has never covered — the University of Ottawa has a library.

It is shocking, I know, I mean, I only just discovered it myself, but it is truly a disgrace that this service is not better advertised on campus.

There I was, strolling through campus, stopping for a hot dog on my way to class when I noticed someone coming up out of a hidden stairway I had never seen before. It led to a building that I realized has historically been covered up by construction zones.

I decided, against my better judgement, to follow the next person who went down those stairs and into that building and I followed them all the way up an elevator and into what I presumed from the harsh lighting and depressing aesthetic was a medical institution

Upon closer inspection however I noticed that there were rows of books and what appeared to be a computer lab. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was in a library.

In all my four years at this university not once has anyone mentioned the fact that we have a library! I’ve spent nights hunched over in dorm rooms, finishing essays by lamplight, paying for research from journals that I could have accessed for free?? I am livid.

I mean I knew there was the one in Lamoureux but I thought that was just for children’s books and teaching students to cry about their futures in private.

Anyway, the discovery was made last week and since then, I haven’t been able to relocate the mysterious library on campus. Well, I haven’t really been on campus since then, but I mean, I don’t think I could find it again if I did try.

I did find a community centre today though in around the same place the library building was. Or maybe it was an old folks home? I couldn’t exactly tell, there were a lot of sad looking people and a room full of board games, so it really good be either or.

Anyway, I thought your readers should know, that apparently, we have a library on campus, because I know that as a fourth-year student, I would have appreciated knowing a whole lot sooner.

You’re welcome for doing your jobs for you!