Heckle: Whitewashing in movies

Imagine you’re producing a play detailing the life of Martin Luther King Jr. Who would you want to play the influential civil rights leader, Denzel Washington, Will Smith or David Oyelowo? When it came to a sim...

Heckle: Christmas in November

Christmas. The holiday that gives the retailers wet dreams, and makes everyone else afraid to look at their bank accounts.  This holiday madness seems to have taken an unfortunate turn the last few years—a hol...

Heckle: Where are the plugs?

The most coveted spot in class isn’t a seat next to that cutie you’re trying to get a number from, but the seat by the outlets. Trust me, all available plugs usually get taken before the prof has a chance to walk into the lecture hall.


Starting school at a construction site campus Photo: Kim Wiens The first weeks of school are upon us. Campus is crowded, the weather is nice, and the air is filled with the rumble of bulldozers and the clangi...

Heckles-How not to act during final exams

I don’t have anything against writing a final exam—obviously I need to prove that I learned something over the course of four months—but I have a huge problem with the way people act at the end of the semester.

Heckles-The Oscars are way too white

Although it could be argued that the best movies this past year really were created by a single kind of person (white men) and that the nominees were fairly chosen, it is hard to accept this fact when some fantastically talented people were not properly recognized for their work.