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Through the lens

ALL OF THE media frenzy surrounding Kim Kardashian these days does not come as a surprise. The multi-millionaire socialite and “entrepreneur” recently split from her NBA-star husband, Kris Humphries.

While the breakup may not come as a surprise to anyone—did you really think they’d make it past 72 days?—the amount of attention for the impending divorce is astonishing. Why do the terms “Kim Kardashian” and “divorce’ warrant over 5,000 hits on Google?

Kardashian filed for divorce Nov. 1, only 72 days after wedded bliss. Immediately afterward, the media scrutiny began.

News outlets began reporting on reasons why she called it quits—was it because of the distance? The hectic work schedule?

Speculation flew faster than the speed of light about how much Humphries and Kardashian spent and made on their wedding—for those interested, it is said that the couple spent $10 million and a whopping $17 million was grossed for their two-part, not-so-fairytale wedding that aired on E!.

Accusations about the sincerity of the union were spurred. Rumours about how the divorce was a hoax and suspicions on how the filing conveniently came when the Kardashian clan were promoting something their new handbag collection spread quickly.

Quite frankly, it’s saddening that a celebrity split necessitates so much media attention. Are we supposed to care? No! If half this attention was given to real-world issues, then we’d have a much more healthy and productive society.

Seriously, isn’t the political unrest in Syria more important? Or how about the impending market crash in the European Union? What about other issues, like the blood ban we reported on in last week’s editorial? We can even speak about our colossal student debt instead.

Everyone is wasting time reading and discussing this Kardashian drama. There are more important things to talk about.

Part of the blame falls upon us. We have an unhealthy celebrity obsession—I am to blame as well. Our thirst for celebrity gossip is insatiable, especially when we get to watch other people suffer. Hollywood marriages don’t dissolve more often than their non-famous counterparts, but it seems that way because they’re in the unblinking public eye.

As sad as this sounds: Leave Kim Kardashian alone. Forget about her. Let’s all focus on things that actually matter and impact us.

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