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Eight more reasons why going to the gym is good for you

Jayme Kelso | Fulcrum Contributor

DID YOU KNOW that working out can improve your memory? Or that it can make you better in bed? If getting in shape or looking better in the mirror isn’t enough of a motivator for you to get your butt to the gym, maybe one of these workout perks will do the trick.

Look hot, feel hot

Getting your body in shape instantly increases self-esteem and confidence. Essentially, the healthier you are, the better you’ll feel about yourself. As an added bonus, working out is said to promote healthy skin and hair.

Boost your sex drive

Being in shape can lead to hotter, better, longer-lasting sex. To go from good partner to great partner in the sack, you need the stamina you gain from working out. Not to mention, the more muscular you are, the more calories you will burn during sex.

Train your brain

Studies show that just three weekly sweat sessions can lead to better comprehension and memory, which could extend into old age if you keep up the effort. Why not make studying easier and do your future self a favour by making regular workouts a priority?

Get high

I’m not talking about the illegal kind of high; I’m talking about endorphins. Prolonged exercise releases endorphins, which can act as a pain reliever. They are also thought to be connected to the feeling of euphoria, leaving us with what we call the “runner’s high.” Endorphins can make you feel more enthusiastic—even after you’ve left the gym—and let’s face it, nobody wants to hang out with a Debbie Downer.

Make friends

Having a buddy to spot you not only makes workouts seem less daunting, but also fosters friendship. Making time to exercise together—even if only once a week—is a fun way to bond with an old friend or even make a new one.

Have your backside’s back

Not only are your back muscles going to be fit and toned from working out, but the exercise will also help maintain good posture. Make sure your shoulders are straight and stand tall in the mirrors and you’ll save yourself from painful back woes later in life.

Your chance to be mean

University isn’t all fun and games. An annoying roommate, a jerk in your class, or your cranky boss can send your blood pressure soaring. Scheduling regular workouts can help you let off steam and stay sane. Try out some kickboxing classes if you find you are getting frustrated on a regular basis. And remember, the more you take out on that punching bag, the meaner your body is going to look.

Pick up

Pheromones—a.k.a your body’s very own homemade love potion—are released when you work up a sweat. The more pheromones you have floating around the gym can spark others feelings of attraction and desire towards you. So even if you look like a mess while you’re working out, that cutie on the treadmill might feel the need to say hi on the way back to class.

With all these great reasons to hit the gym, you have no excuse but to get at it and get sweating. Remember that if you are studying full time, your student card is also your gym membership. If you don’t have access to a gym or are maybe intimidated by all the equipment, check out one of Ottawa’s many running trails or bust out your parents’ Sweating to the Oldies VHS. Just remember that fitness is a lifestyle, and if you put in the time and effort, you will reap the benefits in many aspects of your life.