The hunger crusher smoothie is a perfect workout recovery snack. Photo: Ryan Banfield/Fulcrum
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Smoothie great for first years looking for a pre-class sugar rush

The University of Ottawa’s cafeteria always offers a decent variety of food, but your choices are limited if you want to make yourself a snack in a pinch that’s not already assembled at the buffet.

Luckily, they usually have all of the necessary ingredients to make one of my favourite snacks: the hunger crusher smoothie. The mix of dairy and peanut butter is one of my go-to flavour combinations, so I often make one of these smoothies for dessert. Assembly is effortless and it’s filling enough to get you through a few hours of classes.


-Two spoonfuls of peanut butter

-Half a cup of blueberries

-A banana

-Half a spoonful of oats

-About 125ml of milk

(Adjust all amounts of ingredients based on availability and taste.)


  1. Put the peanut butter, oats and blueberries in a cup
  2. Break up the banana into smaller pieces and put  as much as you want into the cup
  3. Fill the rest of the cup with milk. (This will allow the smoothie to be smooth enough to drink)
  4. Crush manually or blend

Serves one. Enjoy!