Varsity Athletics will now be in charge of varsity sports. Photo: Rame Abdulkader/The Fulcrum
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Director of Sports Services confirms rumours of structural changes

The University of Ottawa’s Sports Services will be divided into three new branches, pending ratification from the administration. 

If the changes are approved, all varsity sports will be managed by a body called Varsity Athletics, led by the current director of Sports Services Sue Hylland. Varsity Athletics will take care of funding for varsity teams and will organize all events related to varsity sports at the U of O.    

“There have been some structural changes (and) with those changes we are now working as a sector called Varsity Athletics,” said Hylland. “The official change hasn’t been ratified yet, we did this under Michel Guilbeault (the U of O’s associate vice-president of student life). The official name change still has to be completed and is in wait.”

Under these structural changes, athletics and recreation space would be run by a new body called Sports Facilities, according to Hylland. Sports Facilities will be linked with Housing Services and is set to be run by Jérémie Génier, the current interim director of physical resources and operations of facilities for Sports Services.

All intramural leagues and campus recreation would be run by a new service called Campus Wellness and Recreation. Hylland said the body will be led by Rachelle Clarke, the current director of housing.

According to Hylland, Sports Services started the transition to the three new services this year. It’s still unclear when the transition will be complete.

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