Are You Still Watching? turns the camera onto viewers Photo: Alamy, Creative Commons Netflix’s latest hit series asks its audience Are You Still Watching? and so far the answer has been a resounding yes. The show consists of a blank screen, silence, and a passive aggressive pop-up message that won’t go away–and yet is so …

It took hours for the City to respond to fallen leaf Photo: Kim Wiens A young leaf’s death in the Ottawa neighbourhood of Sandy Hill in the early morning of July 20 has had a deep uniting effect on the community’s residents. The tragedy, and its aftermath has been compared to the Toronto community’s response …

Students who regularly pass through the University Centre (UCU) are still reeling from a violent brawl that resulted in more than a dozen injuries.

The roughhousing involved the various groups that normally use the large hallways of the UCU to practise their funky dance moves. Reports vary on what exactly triggered the incident, but several eyewitnesses claim it was caused by a turf dispute.

Over the last couple of months, nationwide sales of “reverse” yoga pants have reached an all-time high. While they possess the same sporty quality of traditional athletic leggings, these new yoga pants are designed to make the wearer’s butt look as flat as possible.

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