Relationship advice

The average man has been watching porn since the age of 10. Even when relationships take hold, most guys still on hold to their saucy viewing habits (at least twice a week). Given these facts, is is realistic to ask your man to stop watching porn altogether?

Even though Halloween has passed us by, Di Daniels gives us a window into the freakier side of human sexuality by talking about furries and show fetishism.

It’s always difficult trying to introduce sex toys into the bedroom. But with Di Daniels on your side, you might just stand a chance.

Sex on the first date. Bedding your best friend. Playing for the other team. These are some of the issues dominating today’s sexual politics. Coincidentally, these are also the topics of this week’s Dear Di.

My goal isn’t to control her or tell her what she can or cannot do, but I’ve told her how her flirting makes me feel and I’ve said outright that I would feel much better if she didn’t flirt so much and be so physical with others (tickling them, poking them, hugging them a bunch of times) when I’m in the room. I just wish she cared enough about me to stop.

When it comes to relationship advice, Di Daniels isn’t the only Fulcrum writer who can dish it out. Recently, two editors got into a friendly debate about whether or not couples should be friends before dating. Neither editor was willing to budge, so they took to the opinions section to duke it out.

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