Oslo is going car-free, should Ottawa?

Removing cars and increasing other options can only improve downtown Many major cities struggle to find a balance between moving both cars and pedestrians around, including in Ottawa where it has been long deb...

Heckle: Where are the plugs?

The most coveted spot in class isn’t a seat next to that cutie you’re trying to get a number from, but the seat by the outlets. Trust me, all available plugs usually get taken before the prof has a chance to walk into the lecture hall.

Self driving cars in Ontario will be good for drivers

Self driving cars are the way of the future, and an advance that could drive Ontario’s automotive sector. Last week, Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca announced that Ontario would become the first province to allow for testing of automated or self-driving cars.

Canadian citizenship is non-negotiable

Recent attacks on citizenship threatens to divide Canadians Photo: CC, Jeff Nelson As the Canadian election drags on, citizenship has suddenly become a point of focus. This is in part due to the controversy o...