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They picked this mountain for the second year because they were so successful raising funds last year. I think next year they will do a different mountain, maybe Everest. They pick the mountain, I pick to climb.

fter a few consecutive weeks of stuffing your body with a whole lot of cookies, ham, turkey and all the trimmings, it’s time to get back into the swing of another semester. The average student diet can often seem like a relief from our holiday extravagances. Often students come back to residence, apartments, and roommates …

It’s too cold. I don’t have time. I can’t afford that. We’ve heard just about every excuse in the book for why health and fitness is the first to-do item on the list to fall by the wayside in university (that is, if it even makes it to the to-do list).

You know what I’m talking about: Those long days in the library, at home in front of your laptop, or up late with your head in that ridiculously large textbook counting the pages until you’re done.

The idea of fitting a regular workout into one’s schedule can be a daunting task for students bombarded with school, work, and extra-curricular activities. But the benefits of regular exercise include improved stress levels, increased energy, and improved sleep and digestion.

Fitness is an important aspect of our lives. In university it’s easy to get distracted by class, studying, homework, and part-time jobs—all of which can lead to feelings of anxiety.

You may not have had time to stop by some of the booths during Club Week but don’t worry The Fulcrum lists four of the top alternative athletic clubs so you can stay active and social during the year.

101 week is a wonderful time to fill your social calendar with activities, your body with exciting and colourful beverages, and to forget to eat.

“Riding a unicycle just seems impossible,” said Jérémie Gaudreau, fourth-year mechanical engineering student at the University of Ottawa. “I still think it’s impossible.”

INTRAMURALS RARELY REQUIRE more than one hour of commitment a week. As for the money, don’t worry about it with the Fulcrum’s guide to playing intramurals without breaking the bank.

With no real idea about the activity known as slacklining—aside from satirically drawn black-and-whites from the ‘30s involving men with all-too-big moustaches and long balancing rods atop tall buildings in New York City—I decided to hit up local parks to investigate this recently popular hobby. And boy was I ever surprised.

Summer eats Spencer VanDyk | Fulcrum Staff With summer fast approaching, fun and fresh recipes are everywhere. Here are some that are not only quick and easy, but also pretty good for you. The trick is to find salads that are simple to prepare but taste out of this world, and pair them with cool …

Ottawa has a lot to offer for each one, but if you still can’t decide, maybe one of these student accounts will sway you toward some of the many trails and paths located around the city.

With exams coming up, your mind’s fitness is probably taking priority over that of your body’s. Even though school is definitely important (don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to prepare for beach season after exams are over), you should still take a few minutes every day for a bit of physical exercise.

It sounds daunting at first, but all runners started with a mere 5 km at one point. I remember my first run like it was yesterday—I was barely two minutes from home and I was exhausted!

When you think of the word “diet,” you might conjure up images of diet pills, synthetic diet food—both of which are unnatural, commercialized, and largely ineffective.

Personal trainer Nick Haince and Spartan race veteran Vanessa Lebrun, a U of O graduate, sat down with the Fulcrum to talk about what it means to train for one of these events and then actually go through it.

Kellie Ring did not injure any other ligaments, but suffered a complete ACL tear. She is hoping to have surgery soon, and will then have a six- to eight-month recovery process before hopefully being able to return next season.

I’ve eaten like a vegan, tried the slow-carb diet, and spent a few months incorporating key “superfoods” into my diet. The latest fad I’m following? Switching to organic.

“These players have been playing for fifteen or more years, so they’re aware of those dangers,” said hockey coach Yanick Evola. “We just try to talk to them and give them a couple of exercises here and there to help prevent [concussions]. It happens quite a bit.”

“If we look at the amount of sugar in a child’s breakfast cereal, you might as well be rolling up the kid’s sleeve and putting in heroin because [the strength of addiction is] the same.”

Through my many years of attending and hosting holiday parties, I have picked up a few tips that will help you and your guests enjoy all that delicious food, without the post-holiday pounds.

Here, the Fulcrum helps you decide which protein powder is best for you before you drop your hard-earned cash on the first tub you see.

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