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Point Counter Point: Official languages

Canada is a diverse country, as can be seen from the variety of languages that people speak from coast to coast. However in most parts of the country you wouldn’t be able to tell just how diverse our linguistic landscape is, since most official signs and representations are in French, English, or both.
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Midterm plague spreads across U of O campus

Students may appear to not be affected, but this virus can be deceiving, so take the utmost caution when leaving your apartments and visiting the other students. It is imperative that this virus is stopped and affected students are cleansed of the effects of this epidemic. Be safe, everyone, and be sure to protect yourself.
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Heckle: Wait for me to exit before you enter

Even though the premise is not that difficult, this still happens far too often. It all comes down to being a decent human being, a norm just as reasonable as holding a door or saying “bless you” when someone sneezes. If only those who are rushing into the elevators could understand it, but maybe they're in too much of a hurry to listen.
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Wearing your illness on your sleeve

Some people believe these illnesses are simply bad habits that can be controlled, if only the person could exhibit just a little more “willpower” or “self-control.” Anyone with a BFRB will tell you that their illness is anything but a choice and that recovery has nothing to do with willpower.
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MTV revives hit Boardashians, revamps show’s format

According to LeSwank, funding for season three of the show came from profits from the recent Everybody Hates Everybody (EHE) Festival. The festival featured a controversial “pay to play” policy, where the SFUO selected artists to perform based on how many tickets they could sell.
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Canadian citizens’ privacy extends to the U.S. border

Border protection agencies need to understand that everything is accessible by the touch of a finger, and yes, this can be a security risk, but phones are also so integrated into people's lives that accessing them is a huge breach of privacy.
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U of O students demand better from academic services

On average, there are five advisors taking appointments at a time, two advisors at the front desk, and two advisors taking phone calls. For an undergraduate body of over 9,000 students, it is not humanly possible for two operators to field incoming calls from every student. This system is made to fail.