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U of O student parent launches new album

Between being a student, a father, and an employee at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), he manages to juggle a hectic workload. Music has been a constant companion and an escape throughout it all.
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U of O Professor writes hyperlocal gritty novel, Omphalos

The novel is set in a near-future Ottawa in which corporations are phasing out the public sector, and conspiracies abound. Following the death of the CEO of the titular Omphalos Corporation, Detective Beldon seeks to find the killer, driven by a suspicion that the company is connected to the events of the previous novel.
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Ready, set, Woah: A Gee-Gee’s guide to Ireland

It seems like a dream that instead of having assignments due every week and the threat of an early October midterm, professors go a little easy during the first month and encourage you to get involved in extracurriculars and the community after you have completed your day’s work.
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The arts isn’t doomed—and it never will be

The Faculty of Arts, then, doesn’t seem to be in a hopeless situation after all. Though enrolment numbers have fallen sharply, there are ground-breaking initiatives and promising partnerships in the works to grow the faculty and make it a leader in the humanities in Canada.
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Faculty of Arts enrolment continues to decline

In 2007, the Faculty of Arts had 6,250 full-time and part-time undergraduate students. Enrolment for the Faculty of Arts peaked in 2010 at 6,637 students, something that Stacey attributes to the ‘double cohort’ when Grade 13 was phased out. Enrolment in the arts now sits at 4,699 students as of 2016, a drop of over 1,000 students from 2014.
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U of O alum launches EP, talks music business

MacDonald mentioned that many of his activities didn’t even seem related to music at the time, from being a 101 Week guide to running his fraternity. But he clarified that the soft skills he learned from his university days are universal and invaluable in any field.